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How Time is a key Factor of Success…

We love so many things in the world. The most lovable thing in the world is being a success. Success has a different meaning for every individual.

To understand what are the main ingredients of success Here is the formula for success.

Success = Goal + Motivation + Consistency + Time

Goals = What to achieve?
Motivation = Why to achieve?
Consistency = How to do?
Time = When to do?

When we are able to figure these out, we are unstoppable. It is not a secret anymore. However, I am not sure how many of us are realizing this in the process of completing a task or a goal.

How time plays an important role in your life. Probably, we don’t even realize how effectively we are utilizing our time. Just to put things in perspective…

In fact, we don’t even have to gauge the time on other activities. We just need to dedicate a particular time of your day to a certain activity related to your goal. Just thinking of dedicating wouldn’t work.

Here is where consistency comes in to play, so we can undeviatingly say that

“the measure of a consistent allocation of time towards an activity will decide your possible success rate of reaching your goal”

We have metrics that we spend at least one hour on our mobile phones/laptops busy on social media app/chatting with friends or even Netflix. They are many research-based suggestions that we shouldn’t so much time on the mobile/laptop. We don’t want to go into those details here.

But we need to understand the reason, why are we doing that. It gives us pleasure in engaging with social media or spending time on Netflix/Youtube etc.,

We need to understand these are just temporary pleasure and you are so bound to it that we are addicted to them now. Whereas when you spend some dedicated time on the activity related to your goal, it will definitely get you long term pleasure and happiness in terms of physical or mental happiness or Career /Financial growth.

Hope you guys agree with me. Here are at, we help you track your consistent time allocation and effort towards your short term goals.

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