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Consistency is the only key to success - The1Hour

Almost everyone has some short term goals. Many times the biggest change in our life depends on our commitment towards our Short Term Goals. It is said that not everyone has a new year resolution. Also among the one who has a new year resolution, only 10% are able to successfully reach the goal. All of those goals, which we miss the deadline is just due to non continuity of practice. Our goals is to make you to reach your goal, by hand holding you to be consistent towards your efforts.

You can go ahead and give a one more try on your top priority goal by taking our Free CourseHow to Achieve Your Goal“? If you still had some challenges in pursuing your goal we can help you to reach them.

Basically our Short Term Goals can be classified in below 3 main categories.

  1. Skill-based goals
  2. Personal Care
  3. Personal Interests/ Hobbies

We all accept the truth that, when it comes to skill-based goals, they are directly related to your career or financial growth. We don’t really understand or think about the impact or change it can bring when we finish these short term goals. Even, when we know the impact we fail to put those continuous efforts.

Imagine a small scenario
Think of a man named “Ken” on a trip in his car start at point A wanted to reach point D
Ken started his journey and on the way, he had to stop for food & resting during the journey. On the way he learned from some villagers that…

  1. There is some short cut to the destination
  2. There are some routes where he can get some accommodation for much lesser on
  3. Some routes there are some incentives for goods and equipment for a very low cost.

Knowing all these the men resistant to go to those routes to collect those incentives which are being offed and are not available everywhere.
He always thinks of touching those routes and kept thinking of those routes, cause he is comfortable in his own know route and he thinks of time that he might spend on these routes/the money that he might have to spend or the extra fuel that he might have to buy to cover those routes.

Top of all though he knows there are some incentives by touching those routes, he is not ready to put efforts to go and claim them. After returning from the trip, Ken told his friend Bob about the trip and Bob wasn’t so convinced that Ken didn’t claim any of the incentives and convinced Ken that he is also joining the next trip. When they are on their next trip, Bob made sure Ken touches those routes and was able to claim all the possible incentives which made his trip even more successful than the previous one.

Summary of the Story: Bob made sure Ken to take actions reviewing Ken’s decisions, motivating him to get the incentive of visiting those routes.

So, we have our short term goals. We know what to do, how to do etc,. it’s only that we are not consistent in taking actions though we have the right motivation.

We reach our goals only when our actions are consistent will help you track your activity and make you learn to be consistent”. We know that we all will ignore our trackers & app reminder, which is why we are providing a human connect where you take your short term goal as a project and finish it in a professional way.

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