About Us

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Our mission is to support aspirants who have big ideas and goals to be in the game and reach their personal goals. We would cover Personal Assistance, Coaching & Mentoring and consulting service as well depending on the requirement. We focus on better techniques and proven strategies considering effective time and resource management to make sure you reach your goals. Below are 3 main categories of our operations

Personal Assistant

Career Consulting

Coaching & Mentoring

The aim is to bring a sense of accountability for the progress of the task, one wish to finish. Human connect will help the aspirant to be more accountable for the task.

The aim is to make aspirants realize the differences between Qualification skill VS Life skills to make sure the passion is being driven in the right direction



The aim of coaching and mentoring is to show the right path to meet the personal goals, by giving tips and tricks and sharing great applicable strategies. 


We created a unique platform where everyone can hire a personal assistant to help, track and drive the personal goals & tasks. We help career aspirants to understand the corporate world requirement and give required guidance improving real skill which can be easily sold in the real world. Our experts will help you in gaining a great understanding of the path try to break the journey into different easily achievable tasks