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Few important things which are never taught in our schools

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There are a few important things in our life, which play a key role in anyone success. We all know them very well, however, we were never think about them, not much told about them, also we never were asked to practice them as they are. We would like to touch upon a few of the below topics which are very wide in nature if we discuss them exclusively. However, we will discuss some facts about these topics.

  • Time
  • Money
  • Focus
  • Goal
  • Consistency
  • Learning
  • Passion
  • Curiosity

Lets discuss some of these in little more details

Time: When we say time, we just remember a clock. We learned that how our ancestors have measured time by sunlight by a pole and some related historical facts for giving exams. Once we are out of college, we are busy in our lives with our jobs and other businesses. How many of us really think of few fundamental questions like mentioned below.

  1. Why the concept of time has to be invented.
  2. How should we value our time?
  3. How can we optimize the use of time for our better tomorrow?

To have more insight this topic you can refer to other Article “How Time is a factor of success“.

Money: This one other very important thing in our life. We were always told to save as much as possible. However, current trends in youth are that we come to our brand’s ideology. These brands are just making us fools by spending millions of dollars in marketing campaigns, just hypnotizing people that, if we use brand we will be more valued. Hence we spend money on brands. If we think our self, we can much better quality goods/articles/apparels even food for a lot lesser price than what we are paying for those large brand. I have been working in digital marketing from the past 10 years and have associated with many large advertisers who are spending millions of dollars for just a week campaigns.

So, We strongly suggest you to not to fall in this Branding Trap. We can save a lot of money by doing this. I would like to end this topic, by mentioned one of my most favorite sayings by one of the leading businessmen.

“Investing money on improving your skill set, will give most of the returns than any other investment”

Focus: I hope you guys agree with most of the topics that we discuss here. Another important topic which was hardly touched in our educational system on explaining,

  • What is focus & how is it important in our lives?
  • What is the scope of achievement, if we’re able to master Focus?
  • How to practice and apply focus on different aspects of our lives?

There are so many advantages of understanding these topics as they are, instead of trying to use them without having full knowledge.

Continued in part 2…

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